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Trade Policy of Somalia

Federal Republic of Somalia

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries of FRS offers an enormous consideration on development of Somalia’s trade and in recent times has sustained efforts purported for enhancement in increasing how Somalia’s trade exports may become larger than what’s imported from abroad, has intensively committed for drafting and preparing on Somalia’s Trade policy. The Minister of Commerce and Industries FGS H.E. Hon. Khaliif Abdi Omer has provided an exceptional endeavor for this policy. Its formation has passed through various stages, including research, consultation sessions in which all stakeholders participated, such as government institutions and private sectors concerned in reviewing all existing acts and laws that are related with this policy.

This policy, may fully participate a considerable role for the development of production and increment of country’s exporting goods. It facilitates Somali traders (businesspersons) with assistance for exportation and increment production from our land in order to take an enormous role for the growth of the country’s economy, which constitutes as a central pillar for the anticipated development. In addition, this Trade policy is based on the National Development Plan of Somalia.

This policy by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of FRS has invested enormous effort, particularly the Department for Trade and Marketing, is presently concluded from the side of the Ministry, and accordingly it will be submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister which has finaly approved on 25 February 2021 by the Somali Cabinet.

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