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Guidelines on Business License Registration

In order to have your business company registered within the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of FGS and purporting to obtain business license, which may elaborate your business and its enhancement, please firstly contact this relevant telephone no. +252-614461620 or email address- registrar@moci.gov.so as to verify whether your actual business name was previously existed in registration for another business firm or not.

However, to have your business firm’s registration process becomes successful; you must step up for following formalities:

1. Application Letter

You are required to provide an application letter for the request that your business company is to be registered within the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of FRS.

2. Company’s Data

The Businessperson intending to register Foreign Business Firm is required to produce documentary evidence that may fully express about company’s data.

3. Public Notary Authentication

Notary Authentication is necessarily needed with regard to the ownership of Business Company, its objectives and services provided.

4. Copy of Valid Passport

Copy of the owner/owners’ valid passport(s) required as identification document(s) for business firm’s registration formalities.

Two Identical Photos

The owner/owners of the relevant business company required to produce two identical passport-sized photographs from each partner.

6. Evidence of Payment Receipt

Evidence of payment receipt for chargeable fees is required to attach with the application letter; this relevant fee must be credited in the government bank account as allocated.

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