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Trade Facilitation

Federal Government of Somalia is committed to improving local production for consumption and value addition for exporting goods thus the Ministry of Commerce and Industry formed the exporter's Task Force to study domestic production and resources available to increase value addition and exporting Somali products.

In order to increase exporting Somali Products, the Ministry was organized Somali Import/Export traders for trade facilitation, and Improving the quality and quantity of export products also started searching for new markets and negotiations for trade imbalance to our trade partners and established Import/Export Database in Mogadishu.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry FGS improved bilateral trade and economic cooperation at the global and regional level also 25 Commercial Counselors were appointed and operating for trade facilitation and searching new markets for Somali products and organizes consultations, meetings, and workshops among Import/Export traders and relevant Government institution for trade facilitation.

Establishing One-Stop-Shop centers at the ports, airports and other trade routes countrywide, Improving trade statistics and data information, Assess the new market and address trade imbalance and Increasing export to Turkey, Qatar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Finland, China, India, Sudan, Bahrain, and other prospective trade & economic partners for becoming a member to international and regional blocs such as COMESA, Horn Africa Economic Cooperation, Africa Free Trade Zone, Great Arab Free Trade area, IGAD Business Forum, MIGA and TEBA which some of them have been already Somalia became and gained to its membership.

Finally, the Ministry establishes connections Import/Export Bank and works with the Central Bank with intermediate banks and improves international financial transactions Upgrading Commercial counselor's competence and skills for trade negotiations, the attraction of Investors, and market research.

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