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Productive Sectors Development Programme - PSDP

The joint-program aims at promoting interventions at macro, meso, and micro levels of the Somali economy to promote investment in infrastructure and in the private sector, stimulate sustainable production, foster inclusive economic growth, and job opportunities, particularly among youth and women. The PSDP sits within the United Nations Strategic Framework’s (UNSF) Outcome 3.1, which stipulates that the Government of Somalia shall be assisted in “strengthening productive sectors of the economy to promote inclusive growth and local development especially in most disadvantaged areas”. It is led by UNIDO and implemented jointly with FAO & ILO at support to five (5) line ministries MoCI (lead), MoFMR, MoLSA, MoA & MoL. The activities that this join-program is implementing represent, at the highest level, the UN programmatic response to the priority needs identified by the 5 line ministries, that if supported can support achieving the Government’s Vision for Growth, Stabilisation, and Employment.

Mogadishu, Somalia

Mohamoud Harbi Road, Behind the Somali National Theater

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