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Agro-technology Development for Economic Growth in South and Central - ATDEGSC

The project will assist the revival of productive sectors in Central and South Somalia regions by establishing a network of three agro-technology and enterprise development units to support Somali businesses in starting, rehabilitating and upgrading agro-industrial operations, accessing new technologies, markets, and financing facilities.

The project will further provide technical assistance for the delivery of technical and vocational skills training to meet the local needs of mechanization, production of tools, and in installing, operating, maintaining, and repairing old agro-industrial equipment.

A credit facility to facilitate access to finance to project supported entrepreneurs will be established and deployed within the framework of the project.

Overall, the project aims at increasing the potential for economic opportunities and job creation in the productive sectors of the Central and Southern regions of Somalia by focusing on four key actions:

Program Objective:

Foster economic opportunities and job creation through the introduction of Agro-Technology promotion and Business Development Support services in Central & South Somalia (in this initial phase, plans to expand national wide already in conversation with UNIDO and donors)

What the project will do:

  1. Set-up Entrepreneurship Development Units (EDUs) at 3 locations in Central and South Somalia -within SCCI
  2. Support EDUs in delivering entrepreneurship/business development services (i.e. business training for new/start-up and exiting entrepreneurs, business counseling, agro-technology tie-up, and investment promotion, etc.)
  3. MSMEs financing capacity development (deployment of a 1mln EURO Industrial Credit Facility)
  4. Technical assistance for FGS-MOIC (within the scope of project activities).

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